Top Reasons to Hire an Immigration Lawyer When Applying for a Visitor Visa.

Do you wish to visit Australia for business or leisure? Well, you require a valid visitor visa. Sometimes, however, your visitor visa application might be rejected by the country's immigration department. Therefore, it is advisable to hire an immigration attorney to guide you through. 

The extract below discusses the benefits of hiring an immigration attorney to handle your visa application. 

Visa Categories

Your immigration lawyer will guide you on the various classes of visitor visas recognised under Australian law. These include the tourist stream for applications inside and outside Australia, sponsored family, business visitor, approved destination and frequent travellers.

Your lawyer will guide you which type of visa to apply for, whether it allows a single entry or multiple entries. A multiple-entry visa allows you to visit the country without applying for a new visa, while a single-entry visa means you will have to apply for another visa once you leave Australia.

Visa Requirements

Your attorney will help you compile the required paperwork to ensure your application is successful. For example, you need documents to verify that your sponsor has sufficient resources to sustain you. Alternatively, you may require bank statements to ascertain your financial situation. Your lawyer will organise any personal documents required during application.

Guidance On Your Visa Application

Your lawyer will guide you as you fill in the documents. Besides, he or she will explain the various reasons why your visa application may be rejected. For example, if you provide false information or paperwork, you might be banned from making subsequent applications. Affiliation to criminal gangs or evidence of a criminal past may also lead to visa revocation. As such, you need a police clearance report to show that you are a law-abiding citizen.

Representation During Appeal

If your application is rejected, your attorney will help you make another application or ask for an appeal from the immigration department. This happens when your lawyer feels that the department does not have sufficient grounds to deny the request. An experienced lawyer will successfully argue your case.

Visa Revocation

Once you acquire the Australian visa, you must abide by its regulations; otherwise, you could get deported. Your lawyer will advise on how to conduct yourself inside Australia. For instance, a visitor visa does not allow you to work in the country. You should also not engage in any criminal activity. You should not attempt to extend your stay without the right documents. 

Hiring an immigration lawyer to handle your visitor visa application can increase the chances of approval. However, your lawyer must be qualified and experienced.